Our Network — An Overview

Sparklit has engineered a world-class network infrastructure that was created with mission critical e-business in mind.

Our gateways to the Internet are 100% Cisco powered and has built-in redundancy that is second to none. State of the art, fault tolerant software utilizes hot standby router protocol (HSRP). In the event that a router or router port fails, the hot standby router will take over within 40 seconds.

The network is connected to multiple upstream providers, which ensures Internet connectivity is always available. Multiple providers also provide for greater route diversity which enhances Internet performance. Internet bandwidth is always maintained at 5 times the average sustained usage. When the network reaches 20% capacity we upgrade. This ensures we are able to handle any transient or sustained increase in usage. The network is part of the BC Internet Exchange (BCIX), which enhances connectivity and performance to locally available national and International carriers. We are also directly connected to the Seattle Internet exchange (SIX), via a private clear channel link. From SIX we are able to peer with all the other members of this fast growing exchange point, to further enhance performance for our customers.

Passionately Crafting Web Services
At Sparklit, we're focused on finding unique solutions through reliable, efficient, and innovative web apps. Since 1998, our suite of simple-to-use tools have helped countless companies leverage the web to grow their business and increase their profitability.
“Love your company’s stuff and really appreciate the first class customer support!”
- Rick Bateman