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Customer Testimonials

Over the years we have received a lot of feedback from our members. Their comments and suggestions have helped us find our way as we grew from a small web-polls company to one of the largest web tool providers in the world.

We're always happy to get feedback from our members. Here's a small sample of some of our favorite comments:

I find that Sparklit products fit our needs very well as we maintain a weekly Hot 25 of the most popular Local Music Videos along the Florida Gulf Coast and it is one of the factors that determines our weekly UZ Top 10 Countdown show that airs every Saturday Night on Local TV. Sparklit has also been very helpful and timely on the few occasions we have had a problem.

        -- Phil Thomas Katt

Utilizing Sparklit's powerful web poll product, we've been able to keep in touch with our user-base like never before! Community feedback is crucial to us, and the ability to offer feature-rich polls makes all the difference.

        -- Scott Werndorfer, Cerulean Studios

Sparklit Web Polls, Surveys and Emails give my visitors more to do and provide them with a forum for their comments and opinions. It has been very positive.

        -- Michael McClanahan, Office Tales, Inc.

Sparklit has helped me tremendously in my work. I use the services on my work website. I am "html clueless" and the services were easy to use and customize to my personal needs.

        -- Loretta Oliver, NHCD recruiting officer

SurveyLogix is a very powerful tool for rapid online survey development... Given the level of functionality, reporting and support that is provided relative to competing eSurvey offers, Survey Logix is an excellent value and a very well written survey software application.

        -- Chris Charlwood, President, Charlwood eMarketing

I'm not a programmer by training, but content mangement on websites is a big part of my job. Having a simple to use applet like the web poll makes it easy to maintain my sites day to day. I use the Sparklit polls on all 6 of my sites and they are very easy to use and update.

        -- Adina Zaiontz, Online Content Manager, Rogers Media Publishing

I find that the Sparklit Web Poll service enhances my web sites with the ease of use they provide for my visitors. It's cool to get feedback from them!

        -- Charles Foertmeyer, Foertmeyer WebWorks

Overall our experience with Sparklit has been very positive. Adding a web poll to our site has been a big value-added service and helps keep our customers coming back to visit our site regularly. We even keep breaking our own records on a regular basis for most voters during a poll duration, meaning that it's continuing to grow over time!

        -- Steve Hale Web Design Associate, AAL/LB

Sparklit is simple and effective, no complicated CGI or PEARL scripts to plow through, the service and the price are great.

        -- Terry Tucker, Rogers Television - Ottawa

Surveylogix is awesome! When our customer asked us to create an online survey for them, I imagined a lot of work ahead for me...then I found Sparklit. I had no idea it would be so easy and so inexpensive. The end-user responses gained from this survey convinced our customer of the value of our product and reinforced brand loyalty.

        -- Dan Biewener, InfoImage

Thee Survey Logix system is a powerful tool that released any burden on my own company's resources to perform a very professional, indepth study. I will be using Sparklit products again as I have yet to find anything as powerful, cost effective and reliable.

        -- John Purcell, Managing Partner, Purcell & Associates.

You've made a beginning webmaster into an experienced one! With AdButler and Mail Form, I've transfered my sites into money making, customer service savy sites in minutes! The peace of mind that my customers and I get is immeasureable! THANKS!

        -- Anonymous

I really appreciate your terrific customer service and...because of your customer service I am going to use several more products, including the survey. Another company we use for distribution has a similar product, but their customer service stinks and I am thrilled to have an alternative.

        -- Sheila S. Hula,

Love your companies stuff and really appreciate the first class customer support.

        -- Rick Bateman

Thank you for [responding] so quickly ( 5 seconds later it was in my mailbox)! You have the best customer service!!!

        -- Warren Johnson, Transfer Flow, Inc.

Why am I thanking you? Just for being there!!!! I have availed of the counter services of 3 or 4 before you, but to my dismay, they all folded leaving me high and dry - broken links, the time it takes to find another service, modifying my numerous pages...:( I have been using your wonderful, esthetically pleasing counters at all my sites now for some time. They look fabulous...and I am happy! Thanks for this ongoing free service.

        -- Harry S. Anchan, Calgary Ablerta

The service appears to be extremely reliable, which is worth the premium price on some services.

        -- David B. Shields, Ware Op-Ed & News

I find Sparklit to be a genuine company. I live in New Zealand and I am using a Canadian company to bring myself to success. Isn't this a characteristic of the Internet? ...I am depending on Sparklit's services for selling my ideas, and in using Sparklit's services the greatest thing of all for me is that I can look professional without spending too much money. In some cases, I spend no money at all... Sparklit is self-conscious and not taking it's success for granted. Nice One!

        -- Dominic W.

Eventhough I'm most excited about the Ad Butler "Banner Rotation System", I'm also thrilled with the other products offer [sic.] by Sparklit. I use them all...I want to thank you for having the vision to supply webmasters...with such powerful and effective marketing tools!!!

        -- Larry A. Marbury Founder,

Great services! Also a big compliment for the free service! I have worked with Sparklit since I made my first poll 3 years ago and I'm still using it! Keep up the good work people! Greetings From The Netherlands

        -- Webby Logan

One of the best service for my website! It's so easy to use. This free service is certainly terrific! =D

        -- Judy

Thank You For Providing Me And My Site With Great Fast And Reliable Forums , I Found It Really Easy To Customize Them So That They Look In Tune With My Webpage , Thanks Again Guys And Gals!

        -- Derek S.

Well done Sparklit, I have been using the counters and the forum for a while now and both were so easy to set up and use, the customizations are great and the whole look is fantastic and very professional looking, They are wonderful additions to the website and look great, Thanks again.

        -- Kathryn J

Sparklit is great. I want to thank you for everything! I find everything you offer reliable and worth the time to sign up for.

        -- Gina

        -- Arturo Matos

Sparklit is the best! Keep up the great work! I LOVE to use services such as these. I hope I can soon get premium services! Why? They are worth it, and they will certainly improve my site!

        -- PKMN Trainer Nella

Thank you Sparklit for offering such a professional service. I created the free web poll. I am new to all this and you made it really easy for us! Thanks!

        -- Roma Diallo, Thanks a Bunch!, Roma Gifts

This has to be one of the Best services I have ever had the pleasure of using. If you have a site and are looking for some additions to liven it up, Sparklit is the answer! Thanks so much!

        -- Al McKenzie

Speaking on behalf of all the Jermaine Jackson fans out there, I want to thank Sparklit for for hosting the Jermaine Jackson Message Board, which is currently on track to have it's 3,000th HIStoric posting. We love you guys!

        -- Mr. H. Reality, JJMB

I've been using your free services since 2002... And I can't be more satisfied. I can't even believe it's been so long and everything is still in its place! Amazing work you guys! Keep it up!

        -- Dimiter

I want to thank you for the free messageboard service that you provide, as well as for the polls. I have moved one of my boards from a well-known provider to your site, because of problems not only with their service being down so much, but also because they had 'way too much advertising, which interfered with the use of the board. Thanks for a great, reliable service with ads that are completely acceptable!

        -- Trish

It took me less than 5 minutes to post the first survey question on my website. I truly appreciate your product, and I say BRAVO to all Sparklit employees.

        -- David Nutakor, Research Assistant, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA

Sparklit has been the easiest company to work with to make my site better, I appreciate it so much for the corporation with me and my staff, thanks Sparklit!

        -- Richard, Richardk7207

I had tried and tried to get items like hit counters, guestbooks and web polls and was not happy with any of them until I found Sparklit. Nothing matches them for simplicity of use and flexibility in design and content. Other guestbooks either failed to work or intimidated visitors by looking like a federal census form. Too many hit counters allow anybody to see the site's statistics which I want private. Sparklit gives me that and more. The best web content I have found!

        -- Rev. E.M. Camarena

I am very pleased with both my message boards... Thanks!

        -- Tom Shreve, Professor, SUIPI Labs

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“Love your company’s stuff and really appreciate the first class customer support!”
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